What is Target in the Hyperlink Manager?

This Hyperlink Manager is for the Block Editor specifically. In the Hyperlink Manager there is a field called Target. This refers to how the link will open when someone clicks on it. Here is what each choice means: None: Does what the email client’s or browser’s default action is. Same Window: Opens in the current […]

How Do I Tell How Many Emails, Posts, Page Views We’ve Used?

[tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] To see how many emails and SMS messages you have used, how many posted forms and surveys you have, how many page views have been tracked, and how many CRM errors have occurred, go to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings and click on Usage.   [/tab] [tab name=”CRM 2011″] To see how many […]

Use a CRM Workflow For Automated Drip Marketing

Because it is easy to send ClickDimensions emails using a Microsoft CRM workflow, in addition to using the ClickDimensions Campaign Automation Builder, you can also quickly build automated drip programs using the Microsoft CRM workflow engine. You can do so by following these three steps: You can create a CRM workflow by navigating to Settings > Processes > […]

ClickDimensions Bounce Codes and Service Protection

In email marketing ‘bounce’ is the term given to any email that returned an error stating that the email did not make it to the recipient. The terms hard and soft bounce are commonly used and it is generally accepted that a hard bounce is a permanent failure whereas a soft bounce is a failure […]

What does “XMLDoc property not set!” mean?

If you’ve gotten an  error that says “XMLDoc property not set!”: Go to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings and click on Metadata.

Track Clicks from Regular Emails, IMs, Etc.

If you are writing an email and you want to track a link but don’t want to use InboxCast, you can simply add a parameter to the end of the link. The parameter to add is _clde=email. Here is an example of what your link should look like: http://www.clickdimensions.com/tour/?_clde=bob@fakecompany123.com After the recipient clicks your link, all his […]

Link a Landing Page to a CRM Campaign and Analyze What is Driving Traffic to the Campaign

If you are promoting an event, product launch or other initiative it is helpful to create a landing page that contains content specific to that event to drive your visitors to a singular call to action like registering for the event, downloading collateral or watching a video. If you can link that landing page to […]

SPF Records For ClickDimensions

The Short Version (For Advanced Administrators): To include the ClickDimensions mail servers in your SPF record, simply add this include statement to your SPF record at your domain’s DNS host: include:customers.clickdimensions.com TIP: Check to make sure your SPF record is valid by using a tool like Kitterman.com. What Happens If I Don’t Set up an SPF […]

How to Filter Web Analytics

Filtering web analytics is a way to prevent unhelpful data from appearing in your CRM. For example, Google “crawlers” may create records of visits that may seem as though they originated from a live person but are actually the by-product of an automated process. If you know a domain or IP address that creates these […]