Personalize Email Subject Lines

Personalization is a key component to effective email marketing. With ClickDimensions you can personalize not only the body of your emails but also the subject lines of your emails. You do this simply by adding our personalization fields to the subject of your email template. Let’s look at the specific steps involved: [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] […]

Single Send Email

[tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] If you want to send a trackable email to one person you can create an Email Send Record straight from the Lead or Contact record. Open the record of the person you wan to send to, press the More Commands button (“…“) at the top of the record, then the Send Email button and a new […]

Send OutlookCast Email

Our OutlookCast feature makes it easy to prepare and send an email through the ClickDimensions email marketing engine. This way you get the personalized look and feel of an Outlook Email but still get the tracking features of ClickDimensions. First prepare your email in Outlook (or any other email program). If you want to add […]

Managing Subscription List Opt-Ins with a Workflow

<< Manage Subscription Opt-Ins Introduction Subscription Records >>   Opt-outs are handled by the creation of an Unsubscribe record and a Subscription Preferences record. Once you have created your Subscription Lists and Subscription Management Page you’ll need to set up how the people who opt-in to lists get on the right Marketing List. There are […]

Does ClickDimensions Track Visits from Search Engines?

Does ClickDimensions track visits to my website by search engines? Yes. Placing the ClickDimensions tracking script on a webpage will record visits to that page by search engine bots or crawlers, such as those used by Google and Bing to index pages on the web. While you can filter specific IP addresses by creating filter records […]

Cannot see custom field in field mappings area or recently added attribute does not appear to be selectable in email template

Problem: After initially saving a form field record or when browsing to an existing one, your custom fields do not appear in the field mappings area, or the mapping area does not render. Alternatively, when selecting an entity attribute to place in an email template or email send record you do not see a recently added or […]

How to insert ClickDimensions Profiles navigation link into custom contact forms

The ClickDimensions solution includes a link on the Contact and Lead forms to a Profile that shows a summary of visit and form data for the Contact/Lead data. (See here for an overview.) If subsequent customizations to your CRM result in the Profile link being removed from the Contact or Lead navigation, follow the steps […]

Connectivity for the ClickDimensions solution

CRM must be accessible from the internet in order for ClickDimensions to work, and your CRM system must be able to access ClickDimensions. If you use CRM on-premise, we recommend Microsoft’s prescribed method of Internet-Facing Deployment (IFD) for CRM. An alternate method is discussed below. What you need to register: To register with ClickDimensions, you must have the […]

Import failure when using a non-English base CRM deployment or an existing Starter kit has been install

In some non-English base deployments of CRM, importing the ClickDimensions solution will fail. The source of this issue stems from a underlying Microsoft CRM label problem resulting in duplicate entries. Not all non-English language deployments will experience the problem. Additionally, some deployments contain Starter kits that augment certain customizations.  There is potential that those changes […]

What firewall changes are needed to allow ClickDimensions proper access to your CRM On-Premise deployment?

Many corporate firewalls restrict communication with web services by IP addresses and ports through the use of firewalls, proxies and other security mechanisms. This can cause ClickDimensions and CRM to be unable to communicate. The ClickDimensions application is hosted in Microsoft Azure, a secure, reliable hosted compute platform in Microsoft data centers. The following information […]