Install Click Reports for CRM 4

NOTE: ClickDimensions will end technical support for customers using ClickDimensions in Microsoft CRM 4.0 on December 31, 2016.  See this announcement for details. The ClickDimensions Click Reports will give a list of links in an email that was sent out, how many clicks on each there were and who clicked on them. If you have CRM 4.0 and […]

Import Unsubscribes and Suppression Lists

Many of our new customers made the switch to ClickDimensions from another Marketing Automation vendor, and they are always excited to start using all of the powerful features of ClickDimensions right away. ClickDimensions makes it easy to make the switch and maintain great deliverability. With ClickDimensions you can easily use the built‐in functionality in CRM […]

What does “An error occurred while trying to add the report to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.” mean?

“An error occurred while trying to add the report to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Try adding the report again. If this problem persists, contact your system administrator.” While importing a managed solution that contains a report, you may encounter an error related to reports if your CRM reporting server does not have the SRS Data Connector […]

Steps to Check Before Using Form Capture Records

<< Create Form Fields Introduction Form Capture Integration >> ClickDimensions Form Capture records allow you to integrate an existing HTML form from your website into your CRM. In this article, we will go through the key elements that need to be in place before integrating your form with Microsoft CRM using ClickDimensions. [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] […]

Lead Grading and Scoring

Terminology Check The term Lead Scoring in the marketing automation space can be a bit confusing for CRM users. This is because CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM have records for individuals named Leads and Contacts. For the purposes of this post, we’ll just talk about scoring and it will refer to any individual. That […]

Where to Find Score Information

ClickDimensions scores your leads, contacts, and anonymous visitors. The scoring is based on several different actions including submitting a Form (or receiving an error when submitting a form), visiting your website, each page visited, CRM opportunity created or lost, and clicks on email links. [tab name=”CRM 2016″] These are given a default value when you […]

Dynamic Content

ClickDimensions provides the functionality to alter the content of your email based on CRM data that is in the Lead/Contact/Account’s record. You can either change the greeting of an email based on gender or change an entire paragraph. ClickDimensions uses Freemarker script to accomplish Dynamic Content. In this example above, the script begins with an […]

Code Snippets

Code Snippets are very important when sending an email through ClickDimensions. We provide two code snippets: Unsubscribe: Inserts a global unsubscribe link in your email. Microsite / HTML Version: Inserts a link that opens the email in a browser window. [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] You can insert the Code Snippets using the drop down arrow on […]

Secrets to Creating Great HTML For Email Marketing

Creating HTML emails isn’t rocket science but it can be tricky since email programs all display HTML in their own way. You’ll be much happier if you take the time to understand the mechanics of HTML and the basics of creating HTML specifically for emails. Let’s start with a few key points: You’re going to […]