Adding Nurture Programs back to Navigation and Giving Permissions back to run them

NOTE: As part of our efforts to consolidate all marketing automation functionality in the product to our campaign automation feature, ClickDimensions is continuing the process of sunsetting our legacy nurture functionality. As of the version 8.13.0 release, you will no longer be able to create new email programs via the nurture functionality. Your existing nurtures will still run and be supported; however, to create new automated email programs, you will now need to utilize our more robust campaign automation builder.

In a future 2018 release, we will be completely sunsetting the nurture feature and you will be required to migrate any existing nurture programs over to the campaign automation feature.

ClickDimensions added Campaign Automations back in version 7.0. Campaign Automations were intended to replace our Nurture Programs feature. Campaign Automations have a lot more flexibility, more options, and a nice drag and drop interface.

We are now beginning to sunset the Nurture Program feature. As the first step we are not going to include these in the ClickDimensions solution file as of version 8.7. This is to ensure that any new customers never see Nurture Programs. It also means that:

  1. Nurture Programs will be removed from your navigation – this can be added back.
  2. The security privileges on all ClickDimensions security roles will be removed for Nurtures meaning users who are not system administrators will not be able to run contacts/leads through nurtures, or run/edit a nurture – this can be added back.
  3. The Run Nurture button in the contact and lead entity will be removed – this cannot be added back.

If you are using Nurtures, follow the steps below to add it back to the navigation and add security roles. If you do not use Nurtures, do not worry about this at all, and check out Campaign Automations if you haven’t already. They are pretty awesome!

This process will only need to be completed once and it will need to be done by your System Administrator or anyone who has access to make customizations to your environment.

  1. Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System
    Customize the System - D365
  2. Open Entities
  3. Click on Nurture Program
  4. Under Areas that display this entity check the Settings box.
    Nurture Programs - Settings Box
  5. Press the Publish button at the top top publish the changes.

Adding Permissions

If users who are not System Administrators need to be able to run, see, and/or edit nurtures, you will also need to add the security role privileges back. Again, have a System Adminstrator make these customizations.

  1. Settings > Security > Security Roles.
  2. Create New
  3. Go to the Custom Entities Tab
  4. Mark the Nurture Program line with full privileges on everything except Delete
    Nurture Program Permissions
  5. Mark the Run Nurture line with full privileges just on Create
    Run Nurture Privleges
  6. Assign this security role to any users who should be able to start a nurture on a contact/lead.

Also seriously consider switching your nurtures to Campaign Automations. We have a lot of great training and materials available to learn more about it if you are not already familiar. You can see all the available training here.