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ClickDimensions Support Policy – Supported Versions

Supported Versions of ClickDimensions ClickDimensions releases updates to its solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a regular basis. Technical support is provided at no additional charge to all current customers provided they are running a supported version of the ClickDimensions solution. Supported versions include the current release, as well as any release from the past […]

Introduction to Campaign Automation

Series, Actions, and Timers >> Campaign Automations allow you to set up dynamic paths for a contact or lead to follow based on actions taken by that contact or lead. For example, if the contact fills out a form you can send them an email then wait to see if they click on Link A […]

Campaign Automation: Series, Actions, and Timers

<< Intro. to Campaign Automation Introduction Submitted Form Trigger >> When building a Campaign Automation, once a participant (Lead or Contact in the Campaign Automation) completes a trigger, you will want to take action, whether it is sending an email to the participant, assigning the participant to a different user, notifying users, etc. All of this can […]