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Manually Updating ClickDimensions

Manually updating ClickDimensions is going to be very similar to deploying it. This article will detail the whole process, but if you’ve deployed ClickDimensions, please note that there are just a few extra steps that you should be aware of. System Requirements: For on-premises deployments of CRM 2011, Update Rollup 12 or newer is required […]

Update Lead Source Field on Form Submission with CRM Workflow

Want to update the Lead Source field on a Lead record based on which form the person filled out? You can do that with a Workflow. Base the workflow off of the Posted Form entity. Then we’ll check which form they submitted and update accordingly.   Set the Scope to Organization and keep it set […]

Introduction to Deployment

What is Deployment? Deployment is CRM’s term for installation. This guide will take you through the steps to successfully install ClickDimensions into your CRM environment. Please note that you will need the correct security privileges in order to deploy. [tab name=”365, CRM 2013/15/16″] Installing ClickDimensions ClickDimensions security requirements Preparing to register? Test your CRM external […]

Introduction to Events

Event and Event Participation records can either be created manually, or they can be created via one of ClickDimensions event-specific connectors: GoToWebinar, WebEx, Eventbrite, and Cvent. ClickDimensions has two options for Webinar Integration – GoToWebinar and WebEx, and two options for in person events – Eventbrite and Cvent. You can integrate as many accounts of any […]

Preparing to Register? Test Your CRM’s External Access

Before testing your CRM’s external access or attempting to register for the ClickDimensions solution, refer to the following articles: Configuring external access: Firewall considerations: Check your SSL certificate to make sure it is valid: CRM 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 or CRM Online: Test Connectivity See below for the test form you should […]

ClickDimensions Localization (Supported Languages)

In Which Languages is ClickDimensions Available? The ClickDimensions managed solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013/2015/2016 currently supports the following localized languages: 1033 – English 1030 – Danish 1031 – German 1036 – French 1040 – Italian 1043 – Dutch 3082 – Spanish (For Microsoft CRM 4.0, only US English is available. For […]

Use a CRM Workflow to Deactivate Leads or Contacts that have Hard Bounced

When it comes to email bounces, ClickDimensions makes a distinction between what are called Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces. Soft Bounces are less permanent issues, such as the recipient’s inbox was full. Hard Bounces are permanent and can be caused by an incorrect email in a Lead or Contact record. Since we automatically stop emailing […]