Archives for January 2013

Re-Authenticate GoToWebinar Connector

[tab name=”CRM 2016″] To get started, you’ll need to click on the arrow by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and choose Settings > ClickDimensions Settings. Within the settings, click Connectors on the bottom right. A new screen will pop up. Double click on GoToWebinar or select it and click Edit. Check the box and choose Next. [/tab] [tab […]

Reauthenticate the Eventbrite Connector

When setting up an Eventbrite Connector, part of the process consists of providing the login credentials for the Eventbrite account from which event data will be pulled into CRM. If the password used with the account that is accessed by the Eventbrite Connector is changed, that will prevent the connector from syncing data back to CRM. In […]

How Does ClickDimensions Interact with CRM’s Web Services?

ClickDimensions uses the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK to communicate with CRM’s web services. When you register with ClickDimensions, you will provide the CRM URL at which our Azure-hosted application can connect to CRM. Using the CRM SDK, we first connect to CRM’s Discovery web service, passing in the unique organization name. The CRM Discovery service […]