Archives for December 2012

Notifying Website Visitors About Tracking

Some countries and jurisdictions require websites to notify visitors about the types of tracking technologies used on the website and by the website owner. ClickDimensions has developed an example script that will show an alert to a website visitor to notify them about tracking. You can use this sample script by copying it to your […]

ClickDimensions Sitemap Groups (CRM on-premise and CRM Online)

The following code can be used to repair or manually update your sitemap if you have overwritten it with other customizations and wish to add the ClickDimensions navigation groups back to the interface. See here for more information on how to update the sitemap in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 1. Marketing Area: Add the following groups […]

Information brought in from Eventbrite

With the Eventbrite connector setup ClickDimensions will bring in some information on each event and all of the people who signup for it. This article will let you know which fields that will be. Event Records Capacity Description Event Topic ID Name Number Registered Organizer Name Organizer Description Registration URL Scheduled Start Date/Time Scheduled End Date/Time […]