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Introduction to Landing Pages

What are Landing Pages Used for? Landing pages are stand-alone web pages that usually have a single function which is separate from the rest of the web site. You might use them to encourage customers or clients to sign up for your newsletter, distribute coupon codes, or to advertise an app. You can link to […]

Create a Landing Page

  << Create Individual Form Fields Introduction Form Actions >>   Landing Pages are available to customers who have purchased the Standard license or above. IMPORTANT: Your CNAMEs and Domain records also need to be set up before creating your Landing Page. [tab name=”Dynamics 365/CRM 2016″] Step 1: Create a Web Content Record Web Content […]

Find Your Way Around the Landing Page FreeStyle Editor

<< Block Editor Introduction Embed Landing Page >>   If you’re designing your Landing Page, and you chose Free Style for your editor, this is the editor you will see. The buttons are described below. Save: You must click the save button for anything to be saved within the editor. Embed: Click this button to […]

Introduction to Subscription Management

What are Subscription Lists Used for? Subscription lists are a way to allow customers or clients to choose which emails they would like to receive from you by letting them opt in to some and out of others. For example, a customer may want your newsletter and special offers emails but maybe not company events. […]

How to Create a Subscription List

<< Intro to Subscription Management Introduction Create a Subscription Page >>   IMPORTANT: Your CNAMEs and Domain records also need to be set up before creating your Subscription Lists. Creating subscription lists in ClickDimensions will provide your readers the ability to manage which marketing list(s) they want to continue to receive emails from. Before we […]

How do I change the Password for My ClickDimensions Account?

Refer to this Knowledge Base Article.

How do I know what license level I have?

[tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Navigate to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings You will then see this screen which shows you which licence level you have: If this appears to be wrong, please contact your Account Manager. [/tab] [tab name=”CRM 2011″] Navigate to Settings > ClickDimensions > ClickDimensions Settings and you will see this screen. If this appears […]

Find Your Way Around the Landing Page Block Editor

<< Create a Landing Page Introduction Freestyle Editor >> [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] After you have created your Landing Page and pressed save, your Block Editor will appear. To choose a layout, click on the Layouts button in the top toolbar. This will open a new window called Layouts Dialog. There are 9 layouts to choose from, but you can always […]

Create a Subscription Management Page

<< Create a Subscription List Introduction Manage Subscription Opt-Ins >>   In this article, we will show how to create a Subscription Management page using Subscription List records that have already been created. The Subscription Management page will show the user what their current preferences are if they have them already, and allow them to […]

Register for Your ClickDimensions Package – CRM 2013/CRM 2015

Once you have received your welcome email from ClickDimensions, and you’ve completed step 1, you need to register. You’ll be given a link in your email to do that. In this article, the form you need to fill out will be explained. This is the form you will see if you have CRM 2013 or […]