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Inbox Preview

<< Social Sharing Introduction Send an Email >>   Want to know what your email will look like in your recipients’ inboxes? ClickDimensions’ Inbox Preview feature lets you test any email and see what it will look like in a variety of email clients including Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Gmail and more. NOTE: If you use […]

Secrets to Creating Great HTML For Email Marketing

Creating HTML emails isn’t rocket science but it can be tricky since email programs all display HTML in their own way. You’ll be much happier if you take the time to understand the mechanics of HTML and the basics of creating HTML specifically for emails. Let’s start with a few key points: You’re going to […]

Notify a User When a Target Lead Score is Reached

Does your business choose to pursue or qualify a lead after they have accumulated a specific score? If so, you can have notification emails sent to you whenever a lead reaches or surpasses the specified score using the following method. Add a “Score Reached” field to your lead record First we will need to add […]

Best Practices for Emails for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

The following practices should be considered when designing emails that you intend to send to smartphones or mobile devices. 1. Watch your email width: In order to ensure that the email is not too wide to be easily viewable on the screen, the width of the email should not exceed 600 px (by default, the […]

HTML Email Best Practice Recommendations

Not all email clients process HTML the same way. In order to be certain that your emails will be displayed as intended in as many email clients as possible, we recommend that you follow these best practice recommendations: In order to have the entire width of an email display on all devices, the email template should be […]

ClickDimensions and Google Analytics Tracking Scripts

Many people use both ClickDimensions tracking code and Google Analytics code. We do it too. There is a newer version of Google Analytics code described in their article here: If you use this version and our code, your Google Analytics will not work. This is due to a conflict in our codes. Google states in their […]

How to Create a Nurture Program

Introduction Run a Nurture on a Lead or Contact >> NOTE: As part of our efforts to consolidate all marketing automation functionality in the product to our campaign automation feature, ClickDimensions is continuing the process of sunsetting our legacy nurture functionality. As of the version 8.13.0 release, you will no longer be able to create new email programs […]

Personalize Email Subject Lines

Personalization is a key component to effective email marketing. With ClickDimensions you can personalize not only the body of your emails but also the subject lines of your emails. You do this simply by adding our personalization fields to the subject of your email template. Let’s look at the specific steps involved: [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] […]

Edit Template in Email Send Record

<< Add Recipients Introduction Test Email >>   Once you’ve created an Email Send record and optionally inserted the template you want, you can edit that template and its text version. [tab name=”Dynamics 365″] Step 1: Edit the HTML Version Here you will see the template you chose. You can now make any changes you’d […]

Email Send: Split (A/B) Testing

What is Split Testing? With Split Testing you can test two versions of your email with varying subject lines, content (i.e. template) and/or ‘from’ address.  The two versions are referred to as the Version A and the Version B.  You will determine what percentage of your recipients should receive the A and B versions until a winning […]