Archives for September 2011

Testing Your Forms

If you are designing a form and testing it out, be sure to clear your browser’s cache in between each time you submit the form. This is a good practice to avoid inconsistent results because ClickDimensions uses two methods to identify a visitor: the visitor’s ID which is set in a cookie that is cached […]

Add an Opt-in Field to a Form

If you want to make use of forms and subscription management for leads and contacts, but you do not want to use two separate records to do so, you can combine their functions through one of two methods. You can either combine the form and subscription page by linking the subscription page to the form confirmation […]

Linking Forms, Surveys, and Subscription Pages

<< Image Manager Introduction Personalization >> This article explains how to combine a subscription page with a form or survey while eliminating the need to put an email address field on both pieces of web content. This also works between forms and surveys. You may often want to obtain subscription preference information from somebody at the […]

Mapping to a Lead’s Topic field: Hidden Form Fields

Sometimes it can be helpful to store information on a Lead or Contact record that the customer didn’t fill out themselves. For example, you may want to make a note of which form identified them, or that they submitted a special form on your website, or simply to have a Lead’s “Topic” field be filled […]